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Mai-Line's birthday
I'm proud to announce the birth of my daughter Mai-Line, today (the 3rd of April) at eleven in the morning.
Everything went well, and the mother and girl are in a hury to be back home.

PS: Pronounce "my-Leen"
3G transfers improved
The project I had for improving USB transfer rates for some serial devices is completed and successful
With some modifications in the usb-serial driver it becomes possible to use some peripherals with higher transfer rates than with a default kernel,. This is especially true with 3G modems, with which I tested my developments. I achived performances close to the theorical rates (10% less than theory only, with a commercial 3G+ modem from SFR on a real end-user network)
First development project with Ecrin (my previous employer)
This project was booked since November 2008, but we missed some date to start (due to unavailable test suites from the customer).
This one is directly related to the Linux kernel internals (USB part). I'll have a look and try to improve some performances.
Thermography Forum
Sorry, but you english readers will have only this introduction, for the forum is in french.
But if you are interessted in infrared thermography it may be a good idea to start learning.
Happy new year !
Happy new year to you, hummble visitor !
Should this new year bring you happiness with your relatives, and some interresting tasks for you.


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