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Embedded Linux seminar
My very first seminar (as speaker)
I have been speaker for Néo-Soft's seminar (Néo-Soft University) the last three days, with a group of nine "students", for 15 hours. I told them about embedded Linux and related stuff (licences, embedded development tools and so on).
I hope they shared my interest in Linux.
You'll find the paper here (in french), and of course the sources (in Latex).
Translated !
Yes, this web site is now available in two languages: French and English.
I know my English's not the best one, so if you find bad spelling or any other mistake, please let me know. (see the Contacts section)
One more BSP
Actis Computers ordered their second BSP, this time for their CSBX-3545 cPCI board.
I sent them all the files yesterday evening (or was it late evening ?).
I've been able to use mainline 2.6.26 kernel as a base for the BSP, thus anybody buying the board can easily move to a newer kernel ... or ask me to do so for them :)
Second one !
The second project for Killika is completed. But for a few modifications which should come when the last bits of the site content would have been created everything is all right.
ED3L has signed a kind of partnership with studio Killika.
This partnership consists in doing the CSS layout for some Web sites they design. These short developments should be reccurent and will bring in more knowledges about CSS design. I will as well learn the CMS "Joomla!" which they use to create the Web site's content.
On bad point is the intensive use of tables by Joomla, which makes the layout sometimes trickier, especially with some browsers with so little support for the standards.
The first common project comes to it's end: have a look here.
First projet over
ED3L's first project is now over. I went today to Geneva for the takings. Everything went right, and the project has been accepted with no reserves.
The whole of the computer system for ED3L is now up and running. The QNAP NAS finally gave up and I have a Debian running on it.
For the curious ones, here's a link to how it's done step by step
I'm trying to take part in the creation of a Debian installer for this NAS.
Edit: pre-release
Martin Michlmayr has finally a pre-release of the Debian installer here.
I took no time to work on it yet, though I've tested it. I still have to work on the QFinder tool for Linux ... I have so many things to do, and so few will bring immediate rewards in cash ...
RTS Show in Paris
Today I went to paris for the RTS show. I hope the numerous contacts I've had will bring in some new customers.
Computer hardware
Having received the credit card for ED3L, I've been able to order the requiered computer hardware for my professionnal activity, so there will be no interferences with my personnal computer hardware.
Some choices have been quite tricky, mainly because there's too many seemingly identical hardware out there.
I 'm starting to understand the confusion of someone who has to install a GNU/Linux operating system for the first time. And yet, it's far from my first order of computer hardware for a new Linux box.
But this time, there's much more at stake.
First customer
ACTIS Computers has acepted my quotation and put in an order. So I have my first customer.
Now it's settled, I've my new activity has started.
I received today my registration confirmation from INSEE.

The siret number for ED3L is 501 943 963 00014

One more step is completed.
Mail server running
At last !
ED3L now has a mail address, which you can use at your convenience to send me what you want, from a simple "hello" to a quotation request.
I'll try to answer as soon as possible.
A real GREAT Thank you to Bagolu for his help in this.
Short story of a creation
The idea behind going on as a freelance is to be able to work with open source software. I took the decision to stop working at Ecrin systems a few months ago and had to find a new job. I have a lot of knowledges about Linux and the free softwares, and they convey values I share.
I 've had the ability to benefit from my father's experience (he has been freelance for 15 years) and my wife's studies (economics and management).
With some people telling me they wanted to work with me (or continue working with me), enougth good conditions were there, it was just mine to take the chance.

The first part of becomming freelance in IT is quite simple: we just have to fill in a form and send it back to the "URSSAF", which then takes care of all the other tasks. From this point, you can start working.
But the second part is much more complex, because you will need an insurance, a bank account, and so on, so you spend a lot of time on the phone and in meetings so you can choose the right ones.
I hope I'll be done soon with these so I can move on to my job !
The third part is communication, like this Web site, finding clients, documents templates, and starting all the accounting and administrative tasks. Some are more difficult than others, but it starts being more interresting too.
Then comes the first investment, as I think that it's important to separate personal computers from professional ones, and some new equipments become necessary (data backup, professionnal mobile phone, fax, printer, ... ).

All this is moving fast, and I hope I'll be ready before the end of the month.
ED3L is the commercial name of the structure created by Nathael Pajani on January the 9th 2008.


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